Foam Pigs

Foam pigs are extremely functional pigs designed to be used for pipeline cleaning, scraping or drying. A Foam Pig with polyurethane coating can be used for dewatering a short pipeline. The design consists of a flexible, bullet shaped polyurethane foam cylinder and the rear is concave to allow more pressure to be exerted. This creates a tighter seal against the pipe wall and helps prevent by-pass of the propelling agent, eliminating product contamination.

Foam pigs are available in high, medium and low density specifications and the nature of the application will determine which density is selected. For example, for longer runs with multiple turns and tough cleaning action, a high density pig would be preferred, whereas for drying and light cleaning operations, a low density may be deemed appropriate.

The options for foam pigs include; non-ferrous brush, stainless steel wire brush, single spiral coated, gauging facility, high strength magnets for tracking facilities, by-pass facility, polyurethane scraper blades, extra long – for extended sealing applications or extra short – for ball valve or launching and receiving facilities.


IK-UK poly foam pigs are industrial pipeline, municipal water main cleaners and product recovery devices. The basic design consists of a flexible, bullet shaped polyurethane foam cylinder. The rear end of the IK-UK poly foam pig is concave in order to allow more pressure to be exerted and create a tighter seal against the pipe wall. This helps prevent “by-pass” of the propelling agent (water, air or product) and virtually eliminates product contamination. 

Overall length of the IK-UK poly foam pigs (Medium and High densities) are approximately 2 times the diameter of the pipeline and over size of bare pigs varies between 0.25″ and 0.75″ depending on the size of pig and pipe grade. 

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