High Friction Pigs

High Friction Pigs are used as a temporary isolation during maintenance of a pipelines. The pigs are a simple and reliable tool, which can be used on pipelines from 1″ to 56″.

The use of high friction piggable tools as the isolation technique results in a reduced production outage with lower construction costs when compared to a full pipeline decommissioning / recommissioning.

The standard design is supplied with ten polyurethane high interference sealing discs.

  • Pipelines from 1” to 56”
  • Differential pressures typically between 5 – 8 bar
  • Allows low pressure isolation
  • Simple and reliable
  • Can be run with tracking and monitoring P & T supplied by IK

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For more information on this product, contact our IK-UK sales team on sales@ik-worldwide.com or +44 (0) 1325 307508

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