High Pressure Elbow Plug

IK-UK’s High Pressure Elbow Plugs are recommended for hydrostatic test applications.

High Pressure Elbow Plugs are used when a weld or join needs hydro testing, but no flanges are available.  Temporary flanges or pipe caps can be welded to the pipe and removed after testing, however this is expensive and time consuming. Using High Pressure Elbow Plugs eliminates the cost of material and reduces labour time.

General Function and Application
■ Available for horizontal and vertical applications
■ Hardened steel vice jaws
■ Standard test pressure of up to 230 bar
■ Hydraulically operated plugs available – size dependent
■ Larger by-pass facility available on request
■ Can be used in a range of pipe schedules.
■ Instructions and hydrostatic test certificates supplied
■ Patent Application – UK: 1221506.7   Europe: 12194838.4

Size Range: All ns Pipe sizes & Schedules
Max. Pressure Rating: 230 Bar.g standard ANSI 900 (Higher pressures on request)
Sealing: Compression seal
Plug Activation: Mechanical and/or Hydraulic

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For more information on this product, contact our IK-UK sales team on sales@ik-worldwide.com or +44 (0) 1325 307508

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