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IK-UK Standard Pig Design

The IK UK standard pig design philosophy recognises that each pig will have to traverse a different assembly of these common pipeline features distinguishing it from other pipelines, with each ‘standard pig’ likely being different than the next ‘standard pig’.

Click here to read our latest blog post on the IK-UK Standard Pig Design philosophy. 


Gas Export Pipeline Cleaning & ILI Case Study

IK-UK recently completed a cleaning program in West Africa for one of our major clients.  We were required to design, manufacture and supply the cleaning pigs and project manage the whole scope. 

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New Field Services Brochure

IK-UK Field Service have an excellent track record in delivering quality services and product solutions to meet the the clients’ challenges. .  

Our new Field Services brochure features our wide range of hydrostatic flange/weld testers as well as our extensive range of isolation plugs to suit all pipelines and the capabilities of our Field Service personnel. 

The new brochure can be viewed here: Field Services Brochure  

New Integrity, Repair & Maintenance Brochure

The IK Group work together to establish the optimum solution along with the necessary means of locating, tracking and data logging to ensure our clients can achieve maximum efficiency and performance from their pipelines.

Once a pipeline has been commissioned and is operational, routine maintenance is vital in order to ensure regular and safe operation throughout a pipeline’s lifetime.

Our new Integrity, Repair & Maintenance brochure features a wide range of products provided by Online Electronics, IK-UK and IK-Norway to allow our clients to reduce operational and maintenance costs, improve product output and pipeline performance and increase the lifetime of their pipeline. 

The new brochure can be viewed here: Integrity, Repair & Maintenance Brochure

IK-UK take part in first BHA Pigging Seminar

IK-UK have recently become members of the British Hydropower Association and this week we helped them run their first ever Pigging Seminar.  The seminar involved a technical presentation and demonstration of our pigging products alongside our sister company Online Electronics’ pig tracking and signaling solutions.

This was followed by a visit to Logan Gill, a local hydropower scheme to allow attendees to witness the practical side of the Pigging process. 

The seminar was a fantastic opportunity for us to highlight and demonstrate the importance of pipeline cleaning to members of this industry as well as broaden our own knowledge on the hydro power generations sector.

GRID Pipeline Inspection

IK-UK receive significant order for project in Western          Australia

IK-UK are delighted to announce that we have received a significant order to supply pre-commissioning pigs for a multi pipeline LNG project located approximately 130km off the north-west coast of Western Australia.

Our sister company Online Electronics will supply electromagnetic pig tracking and locating equipment, subsea pig signallers and their GRID® pipeline inspection system.  

Additionally, full factory acceptance testing will be carried out on the pigs and tracking equipment at IK-UK’s facility in Newton Aycliffe. 

The award of this project further highlights our capacity to offer a fully integrated pigging solution along with testing services for any pre-commissioning project, no matter how extensive

“Challenge Accepted” with bespoke products

 IK-UK recently created and shipped a bespoke 24″ Pig Loading/Unloading Tool for a project in Nigeria, complete with a full supply package of pigs and transmitters.

We can configure products and create bespoke products to suit the customers needs for each product. Contact our team today on to find out more information.

Scissor Clamps for permanent leak repair

IK-Norway recently designed, built and supervised the installation of two Scissor Clamps for permanent leak repair of a subsea water injection meter installed in a subsea flowbase structure. The Scissor Clamp installations were carried out with an ROV under supervision of IK-Personnel aboard the installation vessel. The Scissor Clamps and installation were a success and performed within the cost and schedule as planned. The flowbase is now back in full operation and proven no leaks.

Contact for more details.

New Pre-Commissioning Brochure

IK-UK, Online Electronics and IK-Norway offer a range of products and services to assist with pre-commissioning projects.

We have collated the products into a new pre-commissioning brochure, which features the pipeline pigs, acoustic, electromagnetic, signallers and data logging &testing range.

The new brochure can be viewed here: Pre Commissioning Brochure

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