Scraper Passage Indicators

IK-UK’s Scraper Passage Indicators (SPI) or Pig Signallers are installed into the launcher and receiver units to confirm the launch or arrival of a pig. They can also be installed at any point along the pipeline to indicate that the pig has passed a specific point or pipeline feature.

 Local Flag Indicators, which can be manually reset, or Electronic Sensors for remote indication of pig passage can be specified.  Modern design uses magnetic interaction to initiate sensor actuation, minimising complexity and maximising reliability, safety and ease of use.

Designed to retrofit to existing installations, IK-UK SPI unites offer quality, safety and the highest product standards.

Key Benefits:

  • Tools capable of carrying out horizontal, vertical and inclined applications.

  • Non-standard sizes available – please request information

  • No special tools required.

  • Easy to install and remove.

  • Self locating capability.

  • Suitable for use with most test mediums.

  • Can be used in a range of pipe schedules.

  • Instructions and hydrostatic test certificates supplied.

  • Omni Directional Trigger – Alignment is a snap
  • Standard Materials Conform to NACE MR-01-75
  • Can be retro fitted to other 2” NPT Thread Fittings
  • Pressure Range is ANSI 150 to ANSI 1500
  • Available for 2” Lines and up
  • Custom Flag Logo and colours available

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For more information on this product, contact our IK-UK sales team on or +44 (0) 1325 307508

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