Commissioning, Cleaning & Gauging Pigs

Designed to be used for the displacement of water
or air during hydrostatic testing of a pipeline, IK-UK’s range of Bi-directional disc/scrapers offer excellent high sealing qualities.

Designed to remove debris and deposits from the pipeline, IK-UK’s range of Bi-directional brush pigs offer excellent cleaning qualities.

Designed to prove the pipeline is laid as specified the gauging pig is one of the most important inspection tools available.

Designed for use in pipelines where large amounts of debris and deposits may be present, IK-UK’s range of jetting head pigs offer excellent cleaning qualities.

IK-UK Solid cast polyurethane pigs offer the flexibility of foam pigs coupled with the rugged performance normally associated with mandrel pigs and are ideal for batching products over shorter distances.

Designed for cleaning, batching and gauging, IK-UK’s cup pig is still a universally popular style of pig. The cup design is derived from the hydraulic piston seal and aggressively scrapes the pipeline bore while maintaining a good seal.


Spheres have the following uses;
Liquid displacement in Meter Prover lines
Liquid product separation
Signal actuating device
Two-phase flow
Hydrostatic testing
Liquid removal in gas lines

Designed to be used as a temporary isolation,
IK-UK’s range of High Friction Pigs offers a
simple and proven solution when under taking
pipeline repairs.

Foam pigs are extremely functional pigs designed to be used for pipeline cleaning, scraping or drying. A Foam Pig with polyurethane coating can be used for dewatering a short pipeline.

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