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Bend Strain Relievers (Bend Stiffeners)

Provides protection against over bending during installation and operation. The purpose is to provide strength and to control the minimum bend radius of the cable or umbilical.

Bend Restrictors

Bend restrictors are light weight components, which are designed to limit the bend radius and physical damage of cables, umbilical’s and flowlines during installation and the service life.   The bend restrictor is easy to install and is a high performance tool.

Passive J-Tube Seals

Passive J-Tube Seals are used to provide sealing and corrosion protection during offshore installations.

Piggy Back Clamps

Piggy back clamps are used where cables or pipelines require support when attached to the main pipeline.  The clamp is made from two polyurethane saddles.  The Piggy Back Clamps are durable, corrosion resistant and suitable for long term use. The system improves installation efficiency, which results in cost savings.

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