Solid Cast Pigs

IK-UK’s solid cast polyurethane pigs offer the flexibility of foam pigs, coupled with the rugged performance which is normally associated with mandrel pigs and are ideal for batching products over short distances.  The solid cast pig is used to remove debris and designed to be disposable.

Solid cast pigs are lightweight and are available in sizes from 2″ to 12″. They are easy to launch and clean, and are capable of negotiating 1D bends and accommodating pipeline restrictions of up to 20%.  The pigs can also be designed to fit a tracking device and magnets to remove ferrous debris from the inside of the pipeline.


 Lightweight
 Easy to launch
 Without any manufactured metallic components
 Easy to clean
 Capable of negotiating 1D bends
 Can accommodate pipeline restrictions of up to 20%
Options available:
 Transmitters or magnets can be installed
 Now available in High temperature polyurethane for service up to 130°C

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