Twin Tyre Flexible Isolation Plug

It is often difficult to create a safe environment for performing hot work on existing pipelines carrying hydro-carbon resources.

IK-UK’s Twin Tyre Flexible Isolation Plus is a simple, reliable and economical tool for providing positive and proven isolation before hot work commences.

It can be installed horizontally or vertically and is even capable of negotiating a bend if the operator is working directly from an elbow. 


Pipe ID Range: 4″ to 48″
Max Differential Pressure: 3-5 Bar.g
Test Fluid: Water or Nitrogen
By-pass / Purge function: Yes
Pipe Orientation: Any
Negotiate bends: Yes
Means of installation/Removal: Mechanical means (Push/Pull)
Means of activating: Hydraulic (Water)

The Multi Plug or Twin-Tyred Flexible Isolation Plug’s main function is to provide a double block & bleed (DB&B™) isolation with by-pass or inert gas purge function during welding. This tool will provide the user with the possibility for weld isolation past bends due to the flexible by-pass connection hose.

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