Twin Tyre Multi Plug

IK-UK’s Twin Tyre Multi Plug is a simple, reliable and economical tool for providing positive and proven isolation before hot work commences. It is also capable of hydrostatically testing any new welds afterwards – being a significant cost saving.

IK-UK’s Twin Tyre Multi Plug is presently used at many UK Refineries.

General Function and Application
■ Double isolation via two tyres
■ Central by-pass facility to vent gasses
■ Can hold up to 30 bar between tyres – 76.5 bar on request
■ Will hold a line pressure of 5 bar.g
■ Can be used in a range of pipe schedules
■ Provides a safe working environment
■ Instructions and hydrostatic test certificates supplied

IK’s Twin Tyre Multi Plug is presently used at many Oil & Gas Refineries worldwide for hot-work isolation.
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